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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  January 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow.
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pfound a person responsible p>> denise: the police tape have pnow come down. pthe family members have been pgoing through the remains of the phouse. pthey ask we respect their rivacy while they do what they pneed to do.
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>> romona: all right, denise. combing up at ing up at 5:00, we take a look at natural gas safety. what you do if you smell the odor coming up in the next half-hour. talk about the first alert weather right now. things are quiet for the moment. >> mark: quiet. tomorrow we should see a little action weather wise. what's going on, jeff? >> jeff: a little clipper system. wind. we have temperature swings. not a lot of snow. let's get to the headlines here. a lot of cloud cover but nothing falling out of the clouds. a little bit of light snow, as i mentioned, tomorrow with a fast moving system here otherwise known as a clipper system. it's going to clip right along. colder on friday, and then it turns much, much warmer this weekend. my goodness. what a temperature change we have coming up here. 27 norwalk and in mansfield. 29 wooster. not very warm out there right now, and it is blustery. so that's sending wind chills 17 in mansfield.
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of course, you get all of the weather information on the cleveland 19 weather app. and it's indicating steady temps here. upper 20s to right around 30. i even think we could go up in temperature a little bit here with an increasing south wind, cloudy sky. even tomorrow morning's commute is looking good. and then this less than an inch of snow arrives by the weekend. i'll have the forecast details with all of these changes coming up at about 4:18. mark. >> mark: okay, jeff, thanks. so it's more than three years after the fact. six cleveland police officers were fired. another six suspended for their actions during a deadly 2012 police chase. decisions announced by the director of public safety who was the police chief at the time of the incident michael mcgrath. but what about martin flask, the man who was the public safety director back in 2012? dani carlson tried to track down what flask is doing now. hey, dani. >> dani: hey, mark. if you look for his official
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martin flask is officially the executive assistant to the mayor for special projects. harder to define. it's been nearly two years since martin flask was reassigned to the seemingly nebulous position executive assistant to the may yr for special projects -- mayor for special projects. an appointment that came after the calling of his resignation after the cleveland police department's use of force and investigation into officer action during a deadly police chase where timothy russell and melissa williams were shot and killed. amidst the firing and suspensions announced at yesterday's press conference, we couldn't help but notice flask was nowhere to be seen. so today we asked the mayor's office to sit down for an interview to talk about what flask has been doing for the last couple years, what special projects he's finished and those he's working on now. the response he got is that the mayor's office is going to decline to talk about that at
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where we could find more out about what flask has been up to. so i turned to the city records. it lists what happens at every city council meeting. before the new appointment, flask was all over it doing things like voting and introducing resolutions. since he got the new gig, the only mention he receives is his official title on the direct re of city officials. now, we have also submitted several freedom of information act requests to try to get those answers about what projects flask has been working on and what he's been doing the last few years. as soon as we get answers, we will tell them to you and we will stay on top of this story. live in cleveland tonight, dani carlson, cleveland 19. ma >> mark: dani, thank you. no word on a women's condition after being flown to a hospital. it happened after a fire on 11th street and elyria earlier this morning. cindy rundel went back into her burning home to save animals. the other person inside that
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we told you about this yesterday. issues with cleveland's 911 system. people would call the emergency number and no answer twice in three days. the first happened on saturday. the system went down at 6:57 p.m. and came back at 7:12. but calls still couldn't go to ems. everything was back at 7:20 p.m. then yesterday the system went down again at 12:39 a.m. and came back at 1:07 a.m. paul orlousky went looking for answers from the city and the county, and here is what they said. >> reporter: if you called cleveland police on either non-emergency or 911 lines, that's what you heard saturday night and early tuesday morning. the phone rang and rang. at the dispatch center, the scene was described there as eerily quiet. the city said based on the review of the call report, no calls were missed from 911.
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with workers who said there was an outage and that's the first or second time it happened. >> no, it's not an isolated incident. >> reporter: answers escaped us where no top officials police or fire attended today. not unprecedented but unusual. committee chairman heard about it who said he, too, was having trouble getting answers. councilman zach reid heard about it at a community meeting and got a notice from at&t about it. >> if we needed to call police, call the seven digit number, calm 911. and then we heard that the 911 was down. >> paul: a question that seems obvious is so far unanswered. what caused the outage here at the 911 dispatch. did the at&t problem cause an overload here and more importantly what can be done to prevent a repeat. it turns out at&t did an upgrade a couple of hours before problems began. the county's system, lakewood
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cleveland the most severe. were lost. councilman reid and others want them to hold a hearing. >> it's a very scary situation and i'm hoping that what we are going to do as a city and as a community takes care of it >> paul: we checked and no serious calls were mixed. cuyahoga emergency communication systems told us it got around the problem by calls. it is the 911 call center for the entire county. let's go to michigan right now. the michigan governor met with the mayor of flint today to discuss a new approach to the city's toxic water disaster. yesterday the naacp unveiled a 15-point plan to handle lead in citizens. now, part of the plan goes beyond repairing the city's water system. it suggests hiring young people in flint to hand out water
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of the national guard. the governor has asked for additional federal aid to make sure that everyone in flint under the age of 21 has long-term health care to deal with the potential effects of lead. you're looking at a little bit of video there from sebring. blood tests show elevated lead levels in five kids who live in sebring. and we've been telling you about the tainted driving water that's been found there too. schools reopened today. health officials say it's too early to know if the lead levels are linked to the tap water in sebring there. donald trump didn't get his way, so he's skipping thursday night's republican debate in iowa. >> romona: weijia jiang is in des moines. >> reporter: trump takes pride in calling himself a watching on outsider and now he'll be sitting out before the iowa caucuses. >> let them have their debate and let's see how they do. >> reporter: trump is refusing to participate in the fox news debate because the network
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megan kelly as a moderator. cruz mocked the businessman when he tweeted the link to a monte python movie. some voters we talked to in des moines say they were disappointed with trump's decision. >> what message do you think it sends to iowans who -- >> getting his feelings hurt are more important than him getting to hear his message. >> reporter: trump put out a twitter poll asking his supporters if he should attend. 56% responded saying he should go through with the debate. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is pushing back on the notion that bernie sanders will be tougher on corporate america. >> i'll give you the best evidence as to why my plan to go after wall street is the toughest plan. it's because the republicans are advertising against me. >> reporter: sanders left the campaign trail wednesday morning for a private meeting with
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weijia jiang, cleveland 19. >> mark: the democrats aren't having any fights over their debate schedule. >> romona: in fact, all three candidates have agreed to add another debate in new hampshire ahead of the primaries. and still to come here at 4:00, the tax man come eth. that's right. tax season is here. >> mark: yes. we have news before you get
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live from cleveland's news toyota in kent, this is
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folks are looking for all types of deductions to save a dime or two. turbo tax found that some strange but legitimate federal tax deductions exist, like pet moving. you can write off relocating your pet if you move for a job. clarinet and music lessons are tax deductible because back in the 60s, orthodontists argued that playing the clarinet helps with an overbite. and today we sent harry boomer out to find out the do's and the don'ts of deductions. harry. >> harry: well, romona, it's even possible to write off your guard dog. but you may get bitten by uncle sam if you don't know what you're doing. >> the tax code has become so complicated. >> harry: william pap pus has been a cpa since the early 90s. his first response is not self serving, it's good advice. >> it's almost impossible for a regular person to do their own tax return because they don't have an understanding of all of the different tax laws out there.
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taxes, but if you do, beware. uncle sam is watching you. for example, real estate is a great way to make millions. but there are things you need to do to write off the deductions. >> a lot of people come into our office investing in a real estate venture thinking the loss is deductible. and if they don't actively participate in that rental activity, the loss becomes suspended and not deducted. >> harry: here is some other write offs you want to be careful about when filing. travel expenses, home office expenses and mixing personal and business expenses. >> roth iras are non-deductible. >> harry: looking good at work can make you feel good. >> if you can wear this clothing to any other function other than work, you can't claim it as a work work-related piece of clothing. it has to be uniform or heavy
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>> harry: got a big heart? giving to a charity is important. >> it supports the claim. you actually need a signed letter from the charity indicating the amount, the date of the donation. >> harry: tax time doesn't have to be so scary, but one thing you really want to do is to double-check your numbers. those things can get you in a lot of trouble. so take your time and do it right. >> romona: i bet. let's talk about procrastinators. not that i'm one of them. but i do know some people out there. >> we all know some people. >> romona: what advice do you have for them to finally get things in time? >> harry: well, of course, don't procrastinate. that's the number one thing. certainly if they do, they can file for an extension. that's an extension to file the taxes. but they still have to pay the taxes. if you don't, you're going to get fined. >> romona: don't we know it. not personally. mark. >> harry: i hear you. all right. okay, ladies. you've been doing this for years. now men are catching on when it comes to putting a little extra care in their looks.
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guys are putting their best face forward. >> raise your eyebrows. >> reporter: he's just 29 years old. but he says he started noticing signs of aging two years ago. so he decided to do something about it. >> i started to get the lines. there's botox which works phenomenally so i thought i'd start now. why not. >> reporter: a new york cosmetic surgeon says he's now seeing more men in their 20s and 30s who want to enhance their looks. >> there's less of a stigma. it's not as bad or horrible to go in and get something done and make yourself look a little better. >> reporter: male cosmetic procedures, including botox injections, have soared 273% in the last two decades. and that's not the only way men are improving their appearance. men are also buying more grooming products. everything from shower gel to facial cream. from 2010 to 2015, sales for the
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u.s. jumped almost 15% hitting an estimated $4.2 billion. millennials are leading the surge. >> over the last few decades, we've seen the definition of masculinity really shift. it's made men much more accepting of using grooming products. >> reporter: the doctor says most men don't want anything too drastic. >> men just want to look a little better. they do not want to look different. >> obviously you can't reverse age. we all look. but if corinnemitchell for cbs news. >> mark: men will be working on their hair care. palm aid. bush watch. >> romona: would you guys get anything done? >> mark: absolutely. >> jeff: i don't know. >> romona: pouty lips maybe.
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>> mark: yes. >> romona: i'm kidding. you look fine. >> jeff: people don't watch me for my looks. it's all about forecast accuracy. just remember that. all right. let's look at the cloud cover right now. and we had a little bit of light snow around this morning. trace amounts. i didn't even see an inch report with that lake-effect that we had around here this morning. like we thought, we knew the morning drive wasn't going to be a huge deal weather wise here. but now we've got this fast moving clipper system. you see some snow up there in minnesota and then we have a little snow here in wisconsin. that's the guy that's going to be here tomorrow mainly during night. i even have us dry in the morning, although one model does bring in some light snow in the morning as i'll show you here. we have a southwest wind starting to pick up. it's going to be a rather windy night along the lakeshore, which will keep the temperatures
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over night. so i'm thinking by morning between 30 and 32 degrees. and that's pretty warm for this time of year. about 32 by morning here in cleveland. mostly cloudy, windy. as i mentioned, that is warm for this time of year. 31 akron-canton. a blustery night ahead for you, but a mostly cloudy sky. remember wind chills are still going to be well in the 20s. here is future view. it does bring in a little ribbon of light snow. we'll see if that happens. i'm going to keep us dry for now in the morning, and then hopefully the later runs in the future view model will catch up to my thinking here. but mainly during the afternoon. in fact, late afternoon and tomorrow night. as far as snowfall goes, i'm thinking inch or less of accumulation. there could be a couple of spots in the higher terrain east of cleveland that picks up a little more than that. but, remember, this is a system snow. so that means everyone is going to get some. but look at the temperature here. we warm up to 38, which means
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down with the temperature in the 30s, that's not really going to stick to the roads. we're looking good there. but it does turn colder tomorrow night here with more snow showers. and it even gets cold enough friday morning for just a little bit of lake-effect snow before that dryer air works in. so we have a little bit of light snow. not even enough to issue an alert. i'm thinking less than an inch here. 38 especially with the temperature of 38. but then on friday we do drop down to 26 with some morning snow showers, a windy day. but then it's a major pattern shift as we head into the weekend. the alert will be on sunday for some light rain, and it's going to be a windy weekend here. so that's going to be the best threat of rain on sunday. that's the alert. a little bit of light rain on saturday. but look at the high. 47 saturday.
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monday 45. we'll drop in temperature monday afternoon. and then an alert tuesday wednesday. that's rain, not snow. well in the 40s. and if not around 50 on wednesday. guys, back to you. >> mark: all right, jech ff. thank you very much. still to come here in today's buzz, a new tune that has everyone on social media talking. >> romona: why a king of pop casting has some folks seeing black and white.
4:22 pm
. now it's time for the buzz sponsored by national carpet >> mark: okay. here we go. casting controversy. >> romona: that's right. a new tune has the internet buzzing. you're black or white >> romona: it does matter to some people who love the king of
4:23 pm
a british actor known for his role as william shakespeare in the oscar winning shakespeare and love will play michael jackson. the comedy titled elizabeth, michael and marlin is set to be released later this year. it comes on the heels of hash tag oscars so white. the campaign protesting the lack of african-american stars and films nominated for this year's awards. fines call the roll a challenge but hasn't addressed the controversy. why, why, why you may know >> mark: if you're an apple music or title subscriber, lucky of you. that's how we got a snippet of this new tune. the singer tweeted out a link and it's been playing all over the radio. it's the first jam off her highly anticipated album anti-. the song is currently number one on itunes.
4:24 pm
i'm getting old. do you know what she was singing there? >> mark: not a word. >> romona: they're telling me work. >> mark: i thought why. one of the restaurants will soon be all a twitter.
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. wounded warrior project is charity. >> mark: the charity says it is to honor and empower wounded warriors. but former employees say the programs fall short. investigated. >> reporter: the job of helping thousands of warriors rebuild their lives is massive and growing every day. their commercials are easy to recognize and hard to miss. >> a pledge of $19 a month and
4:26 pm
warrior project blanket. >> reporter: the charities heavy investment and fundraising has paid off, bringing in more than $300 million in donations in 2014. retired army staff sergeant eric malet came home from iraq in 2006 with a bronze star, a purple heart and a traumatic brain injury and ptsd. >> on the morning of october 2nd, 2006, i was in iraq. >> reporter: wounded warrior project en rolled him in his program warriors speak which provides important life skills that help warriors succeed. in 2013, the charity hired him as a public speaker. but malet quit last year. he says warriors speak is less like a program to help veterans and more like a fundraising vehicle. >> and they will tell you it's not, but it is. i began to see how an organization that rakes in
4:27 pm
a year is not helping my brothers and my sisters. or at least in the all of them. >> reporter: cbs news has interviewed more than three dozen former employees of the wounded warrior project and nearly all of them have told us they're concerned that the organization has become more focused on raising money than on serving wounded veterans. many of those former staffers believe that after raising more than a billion dollars since 2003, the charity should be providing more comprehensive services to wounded veterans. >> i think they want to show warriors a good time. i think they get these warriors out on these events, but where's the follow-up. >> reporter: these two former employees didn't want to show their faces fearing retaliation. saw needed mental health treatment. they don't get that from wounded warrior project. you make a suggestion that veterans? >> if you have a brain and you
4:28 pm
an idea within a matter of time you're off the bus. >> reporter: off the bus. >> they don't need you. it's their way or the highway. >> reporter: i would raise issues why aren't we doing follow-up, why don't we have any how would they respond? warriors call us. >> reporter: they don't call warriors. warriors call them. >> again, as a disabled veteran, it makes me sick. >> reporter: wounded warrior project declined our repeated requests to interview its ceo stephen nardeze, but the charity offered us a recipient of the program and services and its director of alumni. we've heard multiple times that people go to soldier bike rides or project odyssey and then they never hear from wounded warrior project again. is there follow-up? >> wounded warrior project
4:29 pm
we call each and every one of our alumni and family support members on their birth month to check in and see if they need any other programs and then also have multiple opportunities for them and us to pull up to see how they're doing. >> reporter: you have been through five years. mark owens is a former director at the irs. what was your biggest concern in reading these forms? >> i couldn't tell the number of people that were assisted. i thought that was truly unusual. >> reporter: they do put some of those numbers on the website. >> yes, they do. >> reporter: what's the difference? >> how you sign under penalties of perjury. >> reporter: penalties of perjury. so you have to be careful. >> that's right. you have to be certain. >> reporter: eric malet says he expects retaliation from wounded warrior project but says that won't stop him. >> as a disabled veteran, i feel that other veterans need a voice.
4:30 pm
and i feel if i don't stand up and do what i feel is right and voice their concerns what i've heard and how i feel, then i'm leaving them behind. >> romona: chief investigator carl monday joins us now. he's been looking into the local aspect of this story. >> mark: you got in touch with some of these guys and girls, right? >> reporter: yes. a lot of folks aren't happy with this. many who serve our country, lived here in northeast ohio. many had first hand experience with the wounded warrior project. we talked to some of them this afternoon by facebook and we talked to a darren louis who is a veteran living in cleveland. he says, excuse my language, but they haven't done anything for me except give me a hat, a bookbag and blanket while i was in the hospital. i don't support any of that. then dawnette walters, she and her veteran husband have been married 15 years. she said she attended a couple
4:31 pm
nothing was mental held or medical related. the resort they stayed in in boston was not wheelchair room. the reason, they were told, they didn't have anything accessible to offer. what she says isn't wwp supposed to be for the wounded? and then finally we heard from rachel smith. rachel works for am vets as a found solicitor, a collection material donation firm. she says unless you give directly to those in need, don't even bother. very few are helped. now, donell walters, the wife of the veteran, may have said it best during a phone conversation this afternoon. she told me people think they're donating to help our american heroes, but instead they're lining their pockets for the people who run programs like wounded warriors. >> romona: i was just having this conversation with some people over the weekend. you really have to check and double-check to make sure your money is going where you intend it to go. >> mark: yes. what about the percentages
4:32 pm
what does it look like? >> reporter: they said the bare minimum that you should donate to a program should be 35%. 35% of every dollar donated should go to the actual programs, not the overhead. >> mark: right. >> reporter: they were at 65%. however, most of these similar programs are at 90%. they have a long way to go. >> romona: oh, yeah. all right, carl. thank you. >> reporter: the number one that stood out. 25 million. that's how wounded warriors spent last year on parties and conventions. i would think that was the original mission of a charity that started with good intentions. >> mark: yes. i think so. >> romona: thank you, karm. >> mark: thank you very much. all right. weather wise out there, we're going to keep the temperatures steady tonight with the cloud cover and the warmer air that will be coming in. but it's kind of a chilly day, especially with that wind. 27 in norwalk.
4:33 pm
we're at 30 degrees here in cleveland. so, you know, just dress appropriately here. plan on wind chills being in the teens to right around 20, i think, throughout the night. because the wind, that's going to stay up there. interactive radar severe weather alert for the cleveland 19 weather app. download it now and make sure you customize it to your location because that's where you get the hourly reports there. you want to set it to my current locations. so steady, 29 at 30 degrees here. don't think we're going to see any snow tonight. and remember those wind chills well in the 20s. we have a shot of light snow though later tomorrow afternoon especially tomorrow night. then it's going to be turning colder on friday. big temperature swing here. it goes much warmer over the weekend. and the next alert day will be on sunday. and that's for light rain and some wind. future view is bringing true a little ribbon of snow in the early morning. but i'm thinking it's mainly
4:34 pm
and with temperatures well in the 30s tomorrow, i don't even think that's going to accumulate on the roads much. you can see an inch or less of accumulation with this and 38 will be the high tomorrow. cloudy, windy, a little bit of light snow. but a focus on the seven day forecast. i'll show you these temperature changes as we head into the weekend coming up in a few minutes. romona. >> romona: thank you, jeff. if you've eat he be en at wendy's lately, the chain is asking you fo watch for unauthorized charges on their debit or credit card. they're investigating unusual activity on cards used at some of their restaurants. they're not sure how long it's been going on, but there are reports of possible breeches in the midwest and east coast. the folks from twitter will be eaten like kings during the republican national convention. they rented out the greenhouse tavern on east 4th street downtown. how about that? the social media company wanted a hip, local spot for its convention headquarters. of course, it doesn't hurt that
4:35 pm
last year's award for best chef in the great lakes will be catering all of their meals. twitter workers will help candidates, campaign and convention bosses. twitter's many features. good news, romona. it is national chocolate cake day and look at this. >> romona: i can smell it. a giant cake downtown helped us out with a little tweet like some chocolate cupcakes because, well, that works too. we want to thank you colossal cakes. you're taking way too long. >> mark: they take the side. i did not know they did that. i don't know. >> romona: let me tear into the box. >> mark: dear lord. i don't even know. >> romona: we're going to enjoy those while we go to the break. but lebron responds to being called the coach killer.
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are company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting marr ied? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare,
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medicaid. medicare. marketplace. for more information,
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. now for a quick timeout with romona and tony. >> romona: time for timeout. tony is going to be joining me at the q where the cavs take on the phoenix suns tonight. i thought i was done talking about this, but apparently johnny manziel is at it again. tony, what is this all about? he's partying. isn't he allowed during the off season to party? i just don't want to see his picture. >> tony: i understand. and he's ripping through texas like a tornado. i mean, everything is bigger in
4:39 pm
parties, because during the afc championship game, johnny captured on video. again, now, we're going to pull the video and show it to you. it has since been pulled from the site which is interesting. is johnny allowed to do this? he is. very interesting, romona, to me today that hue jackson is down at the senior bowl in mobile, alabama, was asked about johnny. has he met with him. hue said, no, he was not in the first group that i planned on meeting with. if you're johnny manziel, how are you not making it a point to be in that first group? >> romona: exactly. and i heard that hue jackson at that senior bowl was actually talking to a quarterback that he said had a lot of the qualities that the browns are looking for. >> tony: yes. that would be carson wents. but he's 6 foot 5. he's a big kid. he has become the talk of the senior bowl because phil salvage
4:40 pm
week with a press conference saying this kid will go top 10. i don't know he's going to go top 10. certainly he's garnering a lot of attention down at the senior bowl. >> romona: because he hasn't met with manziel, should we read anything into that. he's pretty much gone, don't you think? >> tony: i read into it. you're an offensive crew. the first guy you meet with is the guy who has been in trouble, teetering. you want to make sure if you want him to set him straight. >> romona: okay. now, who is this guy who is calling lebron a coach killer? >> tony: this what a minority owner of the miami heat. saying lebron tried to have the heat coach fired a couple years ago and pat riley according to the report said you're not going to tell me, lebron, how to run the team. now, those close to the heat squashed that report saying this minority owner isn't even close to the heat. he's not even in contact with people. and today lebron had this to say.
4:41 pm
i've never in my time since i've been with the cavs never undermind a coach, never disrespected a coach. you ask any of my little league coaches, high school coaches, coaches i played for in tournaments or camps, my nba coaches i always respected what they wanted to do. >> tony: ro, i'll just say this. has lebron undermind the coach. has he overruled coaches. yes. clearly. is he a coach killer. no. he wants to win. >> romona: i agree with you, tony. thank you. >> tony: okay. >> mark: you don't hear that very often. i agree with you. >> romona: we agree sometimes. [ laughing ] >> mark: that's great. what's coming up at 5:00? we have new bikes at the ballpark. we'll take you inside progressive field to see the new infield district where three popular cleveland restaurants, some of my favorites, will be setting up shop this spring. also a look at the new drug free therapy being used to relieve pain in some cancer patients. exciting developments there. and donald trump dipping out
4:42 pm
saying see you, fox. we're going to ask if that's going to have any kind of numbers. probably. mark mab >> mark: probably not. >> breaking news and weather 24/7. download the cleveland 19 news app sponsored by kisling, nestico and redick. hurt in a
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. jeff, put that cupcake down. >> jeff: you know where this is going. >> romona: i know. not right now. >> jeff: wow, look at that thing. >> romona: we have to talk about what is coming up. a pretty mild winter and not bad. >> jeff: and just little shots of snow. you know, we saw a little shot earlier this morning. didn't cause any problems. we have another one on the way tomorrow. but as this happens, you can see temperatures are warming into the upper 30s. so some light snow in the afternoon and tomorrow night. not even enough to put an alert out for that.
4:44 pm
well as we turn colder. so it's going to be windy on friday as well. 26. but look at this weekend. just a little bit of light rain as the warmer air, much warmer air comes in on saturday. 47. very warm. we only drop down to 44. and how about 55 on sunday. yes. 55 is what i'm thinking here. light rain, windy. it will turn colder on monday. but then we have some more rain developing tuesday afternoon, tuesday night. that could be a stronger system. and then a big cold front comes through it looks like on wednesday. low 50s and morning rain. we have more rain than snow there on the seven day. mark, how is traffic? >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> mark: yeah, actually traffic not looking all that bad here. 77 moving out of the city, we are dry as of now. still to come here on
4:45 pm
. it's time for a little useless trivia with me, mark nolan. >> mark: hey, romona. >> romona: yes. >> mark: an average woman will do this over 16 times in the course of her life. which is it? >> romona: i know this one.
4:46 pm
. the force is strong with one young violinist. >> romona: he turned his bow into a life saver. music >> romona: senior jeffrey king has been playing the violin for 14 years and decided to get creative in a youtube video of
4:47 pm
it took him about 80 hours to add the computer generated laser effects. wow. cool. >> mark: yes. i like that. and you have to see this video of a dad's reaction after finding out the ven gender of the couple's fifth child. >> mark: they said the frosting under the cake would be the color pink or blue. here is what happens. [ yelling ] [ laughing ] >> mark: he fainted at the news that they were having a boy after four girls. he had to sit down for quite awhile, as a matter of fact, before he could even speak. [ laughing ] >> romona: >> romona: finally a boy. hilton update. we're taking another tour of the
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newscenter, cleveland 19 news
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